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But some members log in from India, Pakistan or other countries in Asia or Africa where it can be legal. While he has no way to know how many polygamous marriages his sites may have facilitated, Chaiwala said he had received more than letters from users thanking him for guiding them toward multiple-marital bliss. He dismisses those who criticize polygamy as anachronistic, saying it is better than adultery or one-night stands facilitated by apps like Tinder. Three-quarters of the users on SecondWife.

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One thing the sites are not intended to do is to help women seek out multiple husbands - a practice known as polyandry. Meghan and Harry's baby may be denied HRH.

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Is Bonang Matheba engaged? It is not a "dating service", officials insisted. Seemingly similar to other "matchmaking platforms", the Iranian website allows singles to post their profiles and specify what they are looking for in a potential spouse. But, unlike the automated algorithms of the mainstream western services, the matches are made by a board of mediators who pair applicants after reviewing their age, education, wealth and family background.

Iranian youths have been increasingly opting out of marriage in recent years, due to the harsh economic conditions under sanctions alongside high social expectations, with young couples and their families expected to host extravagant traditional weddings, along with other expenses, such as wedding dresses and jewellery. Falling birth rates Years of the Iranian government's successful family-planning policies, including free contraception and state-funded vasectomies, seem to have backfired. The country's population growth rates have plunged dramatically, raising concerns about the burden of an aging population on the state's social programmes.

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That number had fallen to fewer than two per woman by In March , Amnesty International warned against the adoption of two proposed bills outlawing voluntary sterilisation and restricting access to contraceptives, a move deemed by the London-based human rights group as a "misguided attempt" to boost population growth. Iran is beginning to see signs of revolt.

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From the poorest to the middle classes, Iranians are no longer tolerating the regime, says Salameh Kaileh. Draft legislation aimed at increasing a flagging birth rate in Iran threatens to reduce women to "baby-making machines" and set their rights back by decades, a human rights group warns.

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