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Dating naruto games

Cancel Thank you, your dating skills? Akamaru's a sweet girl, well behaved too. I don't think you'd mind her…". It was a shame — she really started to like this guy. Outside is fine, because of all the fresh air and wind, but it tends to collect too much indoors. Plus it's not as ventilated…" She trailed off, not knowing anything more to say.

What he loved the most turned out to be the deal breaker. Sakura didn't have anything to add, so they sat there in uncomfortable silence. The halfway bell hadn't even rung yet. The situation was, in a word, awkward. After what had seemed like an eternity, the two minutes had passed and people had switched tables. Sakura talked to man after man, some seeming interesting and others not so much. But all of them, each and every one of them, turned her down and decided that they really weren't that interested after hearing her piece.

It was frustrating to be sure, but not unexpected. By now 75 percent of the men there had met her and turned her down.

Sakura was ready to call the night a failure and just up and leave, but the stubborn part in her - the part that also kept her working on a project until it was all the way finished no matter how long it took - kept her in her chair and refused to let her leave. So instead, she thought of a different tactic to use.

Instead of Sakura asking him to tell about himself first and try to push away the inevitable, the next man who came to her table would hear her out before anything else happened. Then they wouldn't get hopeful or have to embarrassingly admit that they would like to 'change their mind' and really weren't 'that interested'.

No, Sakura would lay all her cards on the table and get the man scared away before he could do a thing. It was fast, efficient, and hurt her a lot less that way; it was just like ripping off a Band-Aid. If any guy had the guts to stick around after that, she didn't know what she'd do. She just hoped that someone would. The bell chimed twice and the last man Sakura had talked to — was his name Jeffery?

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She watched him gratefully sit in the seat at the next table down and smile at the other occupant. The woman smiled back and shyly introduced herself, apologizing that she was somewhat awkward at these types of things.

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  • Jeffery laughed, leaned closer, pointed a thumb towards his left and said "Don't worry, anything you say will make you seem like a goddess compared to the crazy lady over there. Jeffery glanced to his left, only to catch and cower under Sakura's glare. He looked as if he might wet himself, and she hoped that he did. His gaze was penetrating and intense, but Sakura refused to cower. So she stared him back, somewhat dejected about the fact that she knew such a handsome man was about to refuse her.

    She also found he looked somewhat familiar, but couldn't place her finger on it. Then she realized how her words must have come out to him.

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    I just can't put my finger on it. He was the first person whom, like her, had not given a last name. What was he trying to hide? Or was he trying to hide anything? Was she just being paranoid? This is just a warning to you now.

    He looked agitated, but Sakura assumed that it wasn't because of her; she had spotted him earlier that night and he had acted the same way. Cause we're running out of time. In fact, I need marriage. I need someone who also will not cheat on me, will not flirt with other women, and will agree to make a contract saying what will and will not happen in this relationship, because I need to be ensured that we're both treated well and I want this marriage to work.

    It needs to last, and I do not plan on getting a divorce. This was usually where the guys started sweating, adjusting their ties and coming up with the best way to let her down. This was when they looked anywhere but her and considered just leaving all together to get away from the lunatic woman with pink hair. But as she watched the man across from her, she realized he was doing none of these things , and Sakura got scared.

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    She was used to being rejected; not once had someone responded like this. Sasuke clasped his hands and leaned forward, mirroring her businesslike position and smirked. Everything here is purely made up. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sakura was here for a different reason entirely Chapter 1 The room was full and everyone seemed to be chatty.

    But I never really know if I am until I start talking to them, you know? They could get along just fine… "But most of all, my passion would be for dogs. I don't think you'd mind her…" "Actually, I'm allergic to dog hair.