My sister is dating a mexican

How is this even a question? All you're doing is basically coming online to complain about your insecurities. You're a racist and can't accept a different race into your family.

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People like you is why the world is so biased these days. Wow, you need to get a reality check, the world is filled with different people. If you really think that you can justify your sister's dating life then you need some help. If it was because of this person's personality then I would slightly understand but you need to stay out of people's dating life.

This is just sad. It's whatever your sister likes if that mexican dude makes her happy. It's her life let her make her decision not you. If you don't like it then you can always leave. I feel bad for your sister let her date whatever she wants shoot I'm mixed with black and white and i'm dating an white it makes me happy for who i'm am.


You should let your sister date whoever she wants to date. It's her life, her choice. She really likes this guy, and she wouldn't want to leave him.

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It's okay if you don't like this Mexican. But you should at least respect them dating. If you were in love with a Mexican girl and your family was against it.. Put yourself in her shoes. If you are white your racist but if you are another race it's justified.

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Stop being racist and let your sister live her life. You do not make decisions for her. You do not control who she dates. You are not her master. You have no say in what she does with her life. Back up and leave her alone. This is none of your business what so ever. You are racist and the world has no need for such "People". Related Questions My sister is dating an illegal mexican who beats her up, how can i report him?

My sister want to date with a Mexican guy who is 5'7 or taller height? My sister is racist towards mexicans and I am dating one? There was a prominent family in my hometown known for being avid supporters of the community, who donated their time and money to school fundraisers and the like.


One day my sister came home sobbing because this boy had broken up with her. His parents had been so kind to us; I had thought they respected my family as equals. The son and my sister continued to see each other in secret for a little while, but the damage was done.

I was the youth chair for a local mayoral race back in Texas. As part of that job, I organized an event in which other prominent politicians would be in attendance. Speechless, I silently picked up the closest messy plate and walked away.

When Your Family Doesn’t Approve of Your Partner

In a college class of mine, the topic of immigration came up. So apparently, my family and I should just get shipped back to Mexico because we are worthless to the United States. With so many examples like these, it was really hard to come up with more than one good reason to keep my Hispanic name, outside of affirmative action. But college is over. How would my Hispanic name help me today or in the future? And if you needed any more evidence that people read cultural biases into names, a recent video came out about a Mexican who saw drastic results in responses to his job application once he changed his name to a traditionally white one.

Another thing weighing on me was my desire to continue to work in tech.

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And even with all the big tech companies releasing diversity reports and vowing to be different, employers tend to hire people who are like themselves. So when push came to shove, I changed my last name to Prilliman.

And I immediately was disappointed with myself. My mental identity crisis went something like this: Your name is so bland now. How will people know that you have this fiery passion about you? What about all the other Latina women trying to make it in the world? Selena is rolling in her grave right now!